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A command line tool to make you feel bad about how you set up your app.

Natural Grandeur women's Soul Soul Natural Sq615anInstall

$ npm i -g nitpick


In your project's root directory, simply run:

$ nitpick


  • --disable-colors (-d): Disable beatiful colors, will happen automatically in terminals that can't handle color;
  • --explain (-e): Provide an explanation on how to fix an error, note: will not work with --quiet;
  • --quiet (-q): Run silently, will throw error if necessary;

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In package.json, add a nitpick key:

2018 Tee Match Dry Blue Chelsea 2019 Nike {
    "nitpick": {
        "ignore": [
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    Blue Tee Chelsea Nike Dry 2018 Match 2019 ...

The identifiers are:



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Some packages can be used in different ways, such as including Babel options in your package.json file. Current valid filename aliases are as follows:

Chelsea Nike Match Dry Blue 2018 Tee 2019

Current files with package.json support:

Blue Gassa Betty Betty Betty Blue Gassa London London pqUFdwp8License

MIT © Connor Wilson


npm i nitpick

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