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Nitpick is a distributed issue tracker. It helps keep track of which nits you
should pick. It's intended to be used with source code such that the issues can
follow the code via whatever VCS or distribution mechanism.

This is an abbreviated guide to configuring a Nitpick repository. For a user
guide and tutorial you should look at docs/nitpick.html or
http://travisbrown.ca/projects/nitpick/docs/nitpick.html. A quick look at a
static dump of the web UI can be seen at

The project mailing list is nitpick@travisbrown.ca and the archives and list
information can be found at

Once the repository has been created you will likely want to configure the
repository. This is done by editing the files in .nitpick/config.

Repository Configuration

The config file contains the bulk of the settings in the colon titled format
with spaces between the item, eg. "components: Documentation UI Backend". The
default will be the first item in the list. When presented as a list of options
all the options will be presented in the order listed in the configuration.

The fields are as follows:
components   - The list of components which will be give as options
	       Default: Documentation
fix_by       - targets for when an issue should be closed by
               Default: Next_Release
priority     - Priority given to the issue
               Default: 1 2 3 4 5
severity     - Severity of the issue
               Default: Blocker Critical Major Minor Trivial
state        - Current state of the issue
               Default: New Confirmed Open Diagnosed Fixed Closed
resolution   - Resolution of an issue after it has been dealt with
               Default: None Fixed Duplicate WontFix Invalid WorksForMe
type         - The various types of issues
               Default: Bug Feature Regression
project_name - The human readable name of the project to use when exporting bugs
               Default: Nitpick Project
gantt        - True or False, enable the UI options for producing Gantt charts with
               scheduling information.
	       Default: False

The users file simply contains the list of selectable users, one per line, in a
free form. By default the only user is the Unassigned user.

User Configuration
There are a few environment variables nitpick will query for per-user configuration information.

EDITOR or VISUAL is checked to determine the editor which should be used when necessary
NITPICK_USERNAME is checked to determine which username to use when creating comments or issues.

If NITPICK_USERNAME isn't found then nitpick will attempt to match the current username against the
list of users configured for the repository.